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The Larkins

We believe in living green.


Terra Firma Farm was originally established as an arm of Terra Firma Landscape LLC, its purpose being to provide the company with plants, compost, and - much to the delight of its customers - farm fresh eggs. Over the years, we've expanded to offer all manner of organic goodies, including produce, herbs (fresh & dried), compost, worm compost & castings, and more!


Terra Firma is a family affair; our core tenets are:

- Tread lightly on the earth

- Be kind to one another

- Leave things generally as you found them


The 10 acre farm stretches out around our rustic log home and offers:

- Organic vegetable and herb gardens

- Apple and cherry trees

- Spoiled chickens that are really pets

- Hot composting

- Worm compost

We also think it's a pretty great place to raise kids!


Drew Larkin is a horticulturist, chicken enthusiast, and compost connoisseur. When not tending to his gardens or animals, he is directing his landscape company, Terra Firma Landscape.


Alison Larkin is a marketer, artist, and green-spirited entrepreneur. You can purchase her reusable grocery bags online and her tree-free hand crafted stationery in upscale stores.

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