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Studies confirm that pastured eggs are more nutritious than caged eggs, with higher vitamin and omega-3 content.


Our eggs vary from medium to jumbo; assorted colors may include light to dark brown, white, cream, blue and green.

Packed in new cartons made from recycled material.

Eggs may be delivered unwashed (but wiped clean - to preserve their natural protective coating). Please refrigerate immediately and store eggs at 45 degrees F for safety.

Eggs will keep for 60 - 90 days in refrigeration. 



Our chickens spend their waking hours grazing freely on our farm, enjoying both pasture and woodland for optimum health and happiness.

In addition to foraging, chickens enjoy food scraps from our compost bucket collection service, free access to non-GMO/soy-free grain feed with flaxseed supplement, and daily mealworms.

Hens come from NPIP-certified flocks only!

We are a *NO KILL* farm. After two years, our mature girls live out their days doing what they love - aerating the soil, fertilizing the fields and clearing out woods. Customized mobile coops rotate them to new areas weekly. 

Our chickens are tireless workers and contribute to all aspects of our working farm! Get to know them on Instagram: @nothingbutchickens



Contact us to request delivery of fresh, local eggs to your door. Choose from bi-weekly or once monthly delivery (no contracts). We'll let you know when to expect us.


COLLECT YOUR EGGS from the secure location of your choosing (e.g. front door). Please leave a prepared cooler to keep eggs at a safe temperature.


ENJOY. Make a quiche or something.


CHECK YOUR EMAIL We'll send a reminder the day before your next scheduled delivery. Feel free to return used cartons to us for composting.



As an add-on service, eggs will be included on your regular monthly invoice. As a stand-alone service, eggs are prepaid each month.


Deliveries occur during laying season only (typically April - September). 


Our delivery program gives preference to existing Terra Firma customers and has a membership capacity; first come, first served.  

If you won't be home to immediately collect eggs, we recommend preparing your cooler with ice packs, particularly in hot weather. Eggs will keep in a prepared cooler for 8-10 hours.

Check our Service Area Map to see if your location is within our delivery area. Contact us to verify exact address and to sign up.


Not responsible for damaged eggs post-delivery or theft by covetous neighbors

Our egg delivery program

has concluded for the season!

6.00 per dozen

(stand alone delivery service)


Member Pricing

5.00 per dozen

(add-on to other services)

Prices include delivery

Sales tax additional

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