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Sage (Salvia officianalis)

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Common sage is a must-have in the culinary garden, but it offers so much more than just flavor in your dish! It can be culinary, ornamental, and medicinal at once. It's drought tolerant, deer resistant, attractive to pollinators and works well both in containers or in the ground. A perennial in RVA, prune it lightly in the spring for optimal growth.

Our 1 gallon sage plants are grown outdoors in our house-made compost & vermicast mix using only sun and water. Also available dried (ground & rubbed varieties) in the fall.


5 - 9

Perennial in RVA



Mature height 30"

24" Spread


Tasty and aromatic. Also has medicinal uses. Drought tolerant and deer resistant. 


Prefers full sun. Water well when soil is dry and keep well drained. Prune lightly in the spring.


Green, silvery leaves. Violet blooms in late spring on mature plants. Aromatic.


Mature plants bloom in late spring, attracting pollinators.

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