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Don't under-value your food waste!

FoodCycling has benefits for your organization and for Mother Earth:

  • Keep your dumpsters free of food waste, which is typically costlier to collect

  • Minimize your contribution to the local landfill, reducing harmful methane gas

  • Give your food waste a purpose: it’s vermicomposted into a microbe-rich fertilizer

  • Partner with an RVA-local company to “close the loop” in food waste solutions

  • Rest easy knowing your organic waste is contributing to a better, healthier earth!

Collection Guidelines


  • Fresh or expired produce

    • Vegetables (whole or peelings)​

    • Fruits (whole, skins, cores, rinds)

    • Stems, leaves, trimmings

  • Egg shells

  • Coffee grounds (paper filters only)

  • Tea bags

Do NOT Include:

  • Meat or fish

  • Bones, grease, or other animal products

  • Dairy items such as yogurt, cheese

  • Eggs (except shells)

  • Processed food

  • Non-degradable items (plastics, foils)

  • Paperboard and other food packaging (eg cereal boxes)

Let's get started.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation. We'll provide:

  • One or more industrial wheeled carts or bins

  • Reliable, scheduled pick-up

  • A custom program to suit your organization's needs

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