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Stop throwing away your valuable food waste. Not only will it reduce your garbage volume; there are myriad benefits to recycling your scraps.

  • Reduce your garbage volume by about a third - less for you to haul to the curb

  • Keep your indoor waste bin free of food waste, minimizing odor and bugs

  • Minimize your contribution to the local landfill (food waste accounts for up to 70%!)

  • Reduce dangerous methane gas associated with the breakdown of food items in open air environments

  • Help create compost to grow more food

  • Rest easy knowing you are doing your part to save the earth!

Here's what you can include:

  • Fresh or expired produce

    • Vegetables (whole or peelings)​

    • Fruits (whole, skins, cores, rinds)

    • Stems, leaves, trimmings

  • Egg shells

  • Paper egg cartons

  • Coffee grounds (paper filters only)

  • Tea bags

  • Feel free to layer waste with newspaper to reduce odors/bugs

Here's what you SHOULD NOT include:

  • Meat or fish

  • Bones, grease, or other animal products

  • Dairy items such as yogurt, cheese

  • Eggs

  • Processed food - anything from a can, carton, or container

  • Non-degradable items (plastics, foils)

  • Paperboard (eg cereal boxes)

  • Pet waste

Let's get started. Contact us to have a food waste bin delivered to your home.

  • Receive a 5 gallon bucket with water-tight seal to keep waste safe from pests

  • Choose a convenient location for your waste pail, both for your use and our pick-up

  • Fill your bucket with food waste; see guidelines

  • Decide on weekly or monthly collection - depending on your food waste volume

  • We'll pick up your full bucket and replace with a clean, empty bucket

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